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Want to work with Altias?

At Altias Advisory, we’re a family focused firm.

Far from working our staff to the bone, we want them to love the life they lead. And enjoy the work they do.

Finding that perfect work life balance, we’re hard-working and band together so we can enjoy the lifestyle we deserve.

Building a different culture around the accounting industry, we encourage our staff to grow, be it in education or business.

Investing in you and your future, we help you build your own portfolio, teaching you to invest in yourself, guiding you on how to create a better future.

More than just another face in the crowd, we value each and every one of our staff. We thrive off watching them progress in their personal and professional life.

Our reason for being

The reason we started Atlias in the first place is because we wanted to help Aussies get ahead in life and stay ahead for good.

Boasting a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, each and everyone of our staff delivers top-quality work and brings distinct experiences and perspectives to the table every day.

We pledge to our clients that we are highly accessible. This means that you get to know your own clients intimately. Understanding their business on a deeper level, you’re able to get the job done efficiently and effectively, providing the best client experience possible.

No matter where our clients are in their career, we know that a few clever choices can have a huge impact on their future.

Because everyone is unique and wants something different out of business and life, our job is to assist them in identifying their goals.

We then devise a plan that works for them, so they can hit those targets with ease. And that brings us enormous satisfaction!

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Become a part of our team

And we don’t mean to boast! But we’re the best at what we do. And it shows. Not just in our results, but also the work we put into our team as a whole.

Do our values align with yours? We’re always looking for skilled professionals to join our team. Reach out! Our team is ready and waiting.

Please send your CV below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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