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Your Business Should Be A Vehicle For Wealth Creation

Getting The Right Advice Makes ALL The Difference

Do you work every hard every day to make your business successful? Have you found your current accountant is often too busy to take your calls? Are you looking for more than just help with tax? Is using your business to build wealth for you and family something that’s very important to you? The difference between exiting your business with a small or large nest egg comes down to the advice and support you get along the way.

Hard Working Business Owners Deserve To

Pay Less Tax

You will pay the least amount of tax legally possible.

Get The Right Business Advice

All the advice you need to structure and grow your business faster.

Have a Proven Wealth Creation Guide

Use the profits from your business to grow secure long-term wealth.

You Should Demand Results

In our eyes business owners are the real heroes of our economy. You take big risks. You work long hours. Often you get very little support from friends and family and let’s not get started on Government red tape. But despite all this you show up every day with a smile on your face because you are committed to making it work.

But it’s nice to know there is someone who will stand by your side. Just as committed to your success as you are and with a proven plan to make you more money.

Sometimes one small change can make a massive financial difference. Just recently we helped a client structure their business for sale. Using the structure we gave them, the client saved $107,000 in tax and can put that into profitable investment opportunities.

Altias has been a guiding hand for many years as our business has gone from strength to strength. With the growth of our operations throughout America, Europe and Australia, Altias has been a trusted advisor as we undertook a transition to the cloud, rolled out new products and has been critical in ensuring our business, intellectual property and families are protected. We couldn’t be happier.

Chris & Carlton

Skudo Group

What can we say, we are thoroughly happy with Altias. Having saved the day when we were let down by our previous accountants, we have since implemented the right systems and our business is now bigger than it has ever been. We love the quarterly proactive business approach and thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking to supercharge their business.



Atlias has changed the way we do business and we couldn’t be happier. After struggling for years with poor advice, Atlias helped us get on track. With their help our agency implemented key performance benchmarks, transitioned the entire agency to be fully cloud hosted and we are trading more profitably than we have ever done in the past. Well done guys!


Gordon Property

3 simple steps to build your wealth


Book A Call

We take time to understand what you want now and in the future


Create A Plan

We look at all your options and create a plan just for you.


Start Building Wealth

We put your plan into action. It’s reviewed regularly and adjusted
as needed so you achieve your goals.

How Altias Helps

At Altias we know you are the kind of business owner who wants to use their business to create lasting wealth.

You want to see your hard work turn into real money for you and your family.

To do that you need a simple plan you can follow and that you know works. The problem is knowing where to get that plan, it’s confusing and time consuming to find the right advisor.

We believe no business owner should struggle with knowing how to correctly use their business to build wealth. That’s why we have brought together the right people to serve as your extended business team and help you every step of the way.

The 3 simple steps to build your wealth are all you need to get started today.

1. Book a call.
2. Create a plan.
3. Start building wealth.

Book your call now so you can stop worrying about working in your business and start using your business to make you more money for today and tomorrow
You’ll sleep easier knowing you always have experienced professionals
with you.

We Help You With


Business Advice

Government Grants

Tax Strategies

Wealth Management

How Altias Is Different

You may already have an accountant/advisor and be wondering why switch to Altias?

It’s a great question. Here’s how you can tell if you may benefit from switching to us. Just look at each point and ask yourself honestly am I getting this from my current provider?

Our 5 Point Difference

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