Streamlining ATO Mail: Introducing Altias' SmartDocs Mailing System

At Altias, we’re excited to unveil our ATO SmartDocs mailing system, revolutionising the way our clients receive and manage their Australian Taxation Office (ATO) correspondence. Designed to enhance efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability, this innovative system is set to redefine the ATO mail experience for our valued customers.

What you can expect with ATO SmartDocs

Upon integration into our system, ATO mail becomes a seamless, digital experience for our clients. So what does this really mean for you?:

Instant Notification via SMS: 

When the ATO sends electronic mail your way, our system ensures you’re promptly notified via a text message (SMS). This message prompts you to log into your email account, using a secure 6-digit code provided in the text, for convenient access to your ATO correspondence.

To fully benefit from our ATO SmartDocs mailing system, ensure your contact information is up-to-date. If you’ve recently changed your email or mobile number, please reach out via email or you can find all out contact details on our website,  to update your records promptly.

Altias will forward all ATO correspondence addressed to your company directly to you through email, using the address . To guarantee receipt of all emails, it is recommended you add this email address to your contacts / safe senders list.

The advantages of ATO SmartDocs

  1. Swift delivery for time-sensitive information:

Traditional paper mail from the ATO often takes days, if not weeks, to reach recipients through conventional postage methods. With ATO SmartDocs, we cut down the delivery time significantly, ensuring you receive important documents the day they become available.

  1. Enhanced security for your sensitive Information:

In an era where identity theft is a growing concern, safeguarding your personal information is paramount. ATO SmartDocs prioritises your security by transmitting sensitive details, such as your Tax File Number (TFN), taxable income, and home address, digitally. This minimises the risk of information falling into the wrong hands, providing you with peace of mind.

  1. Eco-friendly practices for a greener tomorrow:

By embracing our new system, Altias contributes to environmental sustainability. Our digital approach eliminates the need for paper, ink, envelopes, stamps, and transportation fuel. Across our vast client base, this eco-conscious choice is a significant win for the environment.

  1. Improved reliability over multiple ATO mail delivery methods:

The ATO currently utilises six different methods to deliver mail to taxpayers, including myGov

Altias’ ATO SmartDocs mailing system is a game-changer in simplifying and optimising your ATO mail experience. By leveraging advanced technology, we provide you with a faster, more secure, and environmentally conscious way to manage your ATO correspondence. Stay ahead of the curve with Altias – where complex is made simple.

Frequently Asked Questions: Altias ATO SmartDocs Mailing System

Can I reply to the email I receive via this system?

The email generated by our system is a no-reply email that remains unattended. If you have any inquiries, please reach out to us via email, or though our website or give us a call at our office on +61 7 5592 0037.

Why have I received an SMS but no email?

Our system is designed to send digital mail only if we have your valid email and mobile number. Check your junk mail for the email, and if it’s not there, contact our office to verify and update your details.

Why have I received an email but no SMS?

Our system operates digitally with a valid email and mobile number. If you’ve received an email without an SMS, it’s possible that the SMS may have been sent to an old or incorrect mobile number. The code in the link is of no use without access to the email. Please contact our office to confirm and update your details.

I am receiving paper correspondence. How do I get digital delivery?

If you’re still receiving ATO mail through traditional postage, it indicates that we may not have your current valid email and mobile details, or you have previously requested paper delivery. Contact us to update your details or preferences and transition to digital delivery.

Can I still receive paper correspondence?

While we encourage the use of our digital system for its numerous benefits, we understand that some individuals may not be ready or able to adopt digital platforms. If you prefer paper correspondence, please let us know, and we’ll accommodate your preference accordingly.

For further information or assistance contact us

At Altias, we strive to provide a seamless and personalised experience with our ATO SmartDocs Mailing System. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us via email, or any of the convenient options available through our website.