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Your specialised law firm accountants

Your specialised law firm accountants

Based on the Gold Coast, Altias Advisory has over 20 years of experience providing tailored accounting support and business advice to lawyers both locally and throughout Australia. 

Our dedicated team specialises in navigating the unique financial challenges of the legal profession, offering solutions that enhance efficiency and foster growth. 

From trust accounting to strategic tax planning, we ensure your firm benefits from comprehensive, industry-specific expertise.

Book your free discovery session today to learn why we’re the best accountants for lawyers looking for industry-specific financial management and strategic advice.

Why Altias is the right accountant for your law firm

Why Altias is the right accountant for your law firm

Our accountants bring a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and experience that can significantly impact the financial health and strategic direction of your law firm. 

The financial landscape of law firms is markedly different from other businesses, with unique challenges such as:

  • Overseeing your financial interactions with your Law Society. 
  • Ensuring compliance with specific Trust Accounting regulations.
  • Assistance with preparation of the Annual Law Practice Declaration and Trust Money Statement
  • Navigating complex tax laws specific to a partnership business structures or trading as an incorporated legal practice (ILP); and 
  • Managing your day-to-day legal practice software. 

Understanding these distinct challenges, Altias Advisory crafts specialised accounting strategies designed to ensure your firm’s financial operations are both compliant and optimised for maximum profitability and efficiency.

If you’d like to find out how our tailored accounting solutions can transform your law firm’s financial landscape, schedule a free discovery session today!

How we can help optimise your law firm’s profitability

How we can help optimise your law firm’s profitability

In today’s competitive landscape, the financial performance of your law firm is more crucial than ever. 

Altias Advisory is dedicated to enhancing your firm’s profitability through strategic advice and practical solutions. 

We focus on key areas such as management and reconciliation of your Trust accounts ensuring compliance with Law Society regulations, to ensure your firm not only survives but thrives.

Our accountancy services for lawyers

Our accountancy services for lawyers

At Altias Advisory, we understand that the financial needs of law firms are unique and complex. 

That’s why we’ve tailored our suite of accountancy services to meet the specific demands of the legal profession, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and growth. 

Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

The management of trust accounts is a critical responsibility for law firms, requiring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to stringent regulatory standards. 

Our services ensure your trust accounts are accurately reconciled, fully compliant with legal requirements, and prepared for any audits, providing peace of mind and safeguarding client funds.

Whether you need us to work as an extension of your team on-site or prefer the convenience of off-site support, our comprehensive finance management services cover all aspects of bookkeeping. 

From invoicing and payroll to financial reporting and cash flow management, we handle every detail to ensure your financial operations are seamless and efficient.

Leveraging the latest legal accounting software can transform the efficiency of your firm’s financial management. 

We provide tailored training sessions for your team, ensuring you get the most out of your legal accounting software, enhancing productivity and accuracy in financial reporting.

Insightful financial reporting is crucial for strategic decision-making. 

Our monthly management reports offer a clear overview of your firm’s financial health, highlighting key performance indicators, financial trends, and areas for improvement, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive your firm’s success.

Navigating the complexities of the Business Activity Statement (BAS) can be challenging. 

As registered BAS agents, we manage all aspects of your BAS preparation and submission, ensuring accuracy and compliance with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regulations, while also identifying opportunities for tax minimisation.

LEAP certified bookkeepers

LEAP certified bookkeepers

Our LEAP-certified bookkeepers excel in leveraging this software to its fullest potential, providing a range of services tailored to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your firm’s financial management. 

From automating entries to generating detailed financial reports, we ensure that your practice benefits from the seamless integration of LEAP’s capabilities with your financial processes.

Book your free strategy session today

Book your free strategy session today

Unlock the financial potential of your law firm with Altias Advisory’s tailored accounting and business advisory solutions. 

Our expertise in the legal sector ensures your financial operations are optimised for success. 

Schedule your free discovery session today to explore how we can elevate your firm’s financial performance and strategic direction!

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Ask us how we can help you manage your finances and lighten your workload.

Medical & Allied Health FAQs

Altias has over 20 years experience in helping doctors, surgeons, dentists, specialists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other allied health professionals meet their compliance, asset protection and wealth creation needs.

As a medical professional, the income you earn is deemed as PSI and is classed as income derived by an individual as the result of his or her personal work or exertion. These services may be carried out by the individual as a sole trader or sometimes through a trust, partnership or company structure.

In most circumstances No. The ATO will look through any structure (sole trader, company or trust) that is in place to see how the income is derived. This is the key focus of the PSI legislation. If income is derived by the medical practitioner as a result of his or her personal work or exertion, this income is PSI and must be attributed to the individual performing the work. Altias Advisory can consider your circumstances and provide through advice on your situation if you feel as a medical professional you may be impacted by this.

Absolutely! Just as your patients come to you to help them know if they are healthy, Altias can assist your practice to help you answer these questions also. We can run tests and assess the health of your practice and share our findings with you to evaluate and improve the financial health of your practice.


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