Tax advice & compliance


Australian tax law is complicated and regularly changing. But the onus is always on you to comply. We take that headache away by carefully studying all new law and when it comes into effect. That way you are always complying with your obligations and can avoid any penalties.

Small business CGT concessions

There are provisions within the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) law which allow you to reduce or better manage how much you pay. We help you understand and correctly apply the law to any transactions you have which trigger CGT obligations.

ATO audit support

Learning you need to undergo an ATO audit can cause some sleepless nights. If you are ever audited by the ATO we stand by your side and help you through the process. We will help you prove that you have correctly complied with all your tax obligations.

International tax

If you do business overseas, then you must comply with all relevant laws in those countries. We can help you understand what laws apply and how to make sure you are complying with that at all times.


Sometimes you outgrow the business structure you started with. Or you may be planning to retire and sell a business. We help you put the correct structure in place to protect you and maximise the returns from all your hard work.