Why Choose Us


The game of life is a game we all have to play. It’s a journey that brings many challenges, but also a journey that presents many opportunities and amazing experiences. Winning this game has nothing to do with luck. Being lucky is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!.So whether you’re starting out in your career, working hard to build a business or approaching retirement, being prepared to seize opportunity at every stage of life requires having the right advice that will prepare you to win.

The Altias team brings well over thirty years experience combined in assisting individuals and business owners to achieve their financial goals. Having worked for large & mid-tier accounting firms across the country, the team brings an in depth knowledge across taxation, wealth management, business improvement, self managed superannuation, property and many other specialist areas.



If you’re a motivated business owner who enjoys regular contact with their advisors, then Altias are the ones for you. No call goes unanswered, no email goes astray, we care and want to help you!

Private Individuals

You are an individual who works hard and pays taxes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t retire wealthy. Talk to an Altias Advisor to see how we can protect your family, implement tax strategies, and get you on the path to wealth.

Start Ups

Whether you’re starting from scratch, buying a business, or considering a franchise, getting the right advice can make all the difference. Talk to an Altias Advisor to find out more about our day one services and how we can get you on the path to success.

Small Business

As a small business owner, you need the right advice. Marketing, HR, Accounting & Admin we know you juggle many hats and your time as well. With our in depth knowledge, extensive advisory skills and the latest technology Altias is ready to help.

Medium Business

You’ve survived startup and are now a developed business. Altias is ideally placed in helping you to understand your business, improve reporting, drive cashflow, manage risk, maximise profits and set your business up for that next stage of growth.